“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin
Every owner has the best intentions to plan their success but with small businesses there are things that take up time in the day-to-day. Let us sit with you to understand what you need and craft the plan that's right for you. Mapped into a calendar, the plan will work to reach your goals and along the way, we will ensure support so your team can be a part of the success. Let us do the planning work while you do what you do best!



Not everyone is a born sales person but the art of sales is not as scary or as intimidating as most people think. We will design a training and deliver it to your team in an effective manner. We will teach ways to introduce selling in a comfortable way for everyone building upon personal strengths that already exist.



Designing a team structure and finding the right people to fit into that structure are key foundations to your business. These processes also evolve over time and company growth. Let us help by applying knowledge from experience and your goals to create the very best team!



Uncovering motivation is imperative. Let us help understand what incentives will work best for your team, customers or contractors and deliver a sound package program for your business.



Forgetting to mention something, feeling like you're not being heard and finding a connection with employees are all challenges we hear about from small business owners. Need to bridge a communication gap? We can do that, and then help make a plan to keep future communications easier.



Do you know how your customer feels? What they like? What they don't like? Sometimes the answers to these questions get a bit lost in the day-to-day. If you want to scale your business, uncovering your customers current needs are the first step. Let us design a plan to get you the information you need to move forward.



A good event involves some thought and LOTS of planning. Feeling as though maybe your last events were not worth the effort. Maybe we can put a spin on things you had not yet thought of. With experience in understanding what works well and what doesn't we will lead you in the right direction to hosting popular and profitable events.



Projects big and small can always benefit from an outside opinion. Likewise, some ideas just need a push to get started. Whatever your needs are we are for hire on an hourly basis to help your business.



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