What do pumping gas, flying to Australia, and buying lipstick all have in common…? They all lead to rewards!

April 20, 2017

In this guest blog post the advantage of implementing a loyalty program into your cosmetic clinic is explored by the owner of Buying Buying, Nicole Drimmie-Ball.  Nicole is one of the featured talks at our upcoming business building seminar, "Optimizing Your Cosmetic Practice" on April 29th.  Limited tickets are still available here.


It’s no secret that loyalty programs are effective marketing tools. They increase growth, help retain customers, and improve brand reputation. Shopper's Drug Mart, Petro-Canada, PC Plus, Credit Card companies.... it seems everywhere you turn big companies are utilizing loyalty programs more than ever before. These organizations understand the importance of retaining existing customers and choose to implement a system directed  at building customer loyalty. So why are smaller businesses not jumping on this concept? Cost, time and where to even start are big factors! What is it about reward programs that would directly help a smaller business like a cosmetic clinic? You might be missing one of the easiest, most cost-effective tools available to increase the success of your business!


New Customers Vs. Retaining Current Customers?


Repeatedly, we see existing businesses spend big dollars on marketing for new clients. Yet it has been proven that customer loyalty within your existing clients is more effective and 10-times less expensive to retain then acquiring customers. A reward program will help with both: it will ensure existing clients feel valued and entice them to spend more.  And it will give incentive for new clients to come to your practice first and to stick around after purchasing. 

Happy Clients = Spend More = Word of Mouth = New Clients = $$$


Competitive Advantage


Many clinics offer similar treatments, products, and services. Besides patient outcomes a rewards program is incentive for a patient to try something at your business versus another. 

Additionally, a loyalty program will enable you to gather information about your client profile; what rewards do they prefer? What treatments/products/services do they prefer?  What type of spending do they do?




Lowering your treatment/product costs will only create less value to your client. Constantly offering discounts makes it hard to sell for your actual price. A loyalty program will allow you to offer these cost savings in the form of a reward and keep the value of your offerings high. 


Additionally, any expense you incur by implementing a loyalty rewards program will be absorbed by the additional business generated.




How Buying Beauty Can Help


Buying Beauty is an online Rewards Program that allows Cosmetic Clinics to offer a simple and effective Rewards Program to their clients:



  • Providing rewards for the money spent at your clinic

  • Encourages clients to spend more to earn more 


  • Keeps track of how often clients visit the clinic. 

  • Allows for target of clients and prompts re-visits with notification reminders, promotions etc.


  • Promote an upcoming event, promotion, and other advertising to the ENTIRE BUYING BEAUTY network in your area

  • Keeps your clients up to date with any of your business offerings/information

  • Ability to post blogs to promote a topic, product, or service to your geographic area


  • Free advertising of the clinic location on the BUYING BEAUTY website and app

  • Refer a friend program to promote word of mouth


  • new sales because of BUYING BEAUTY advertising

  • marketing to your clients more frequently

  • offering a rewards program to promote additional spending at your clinic


  • Improve your overall business through feedback from your own clients 

For more information check out: www.buyingbeauty.com



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