The absolute BEST thing to do when... you have a million things to do!

January 8, 2018

On most days, my life is in a perpetual state of chaos.  I have three kids 6 and under, I obsess about everyone eating healthy, insist that I spend time with my group of amazing friends, travel, have date nights with my husband, keep my house tidy enough to live in, attempt to sleep, workout and let's not forget...I run my own consulting business.


Despite the craziness, having a life like this helps me tremendously when consulting with cosmetic clinics.  I understand that on any given day there are approximately 400,000 things that need to get done which includes the thinking, planning, and successful implementation of any given task.  This process is, quite honestly, the mirror image of my own life.




What is the single best thing to do when faced with a million things to do?  PLAN. Period.


Planning is literally the only reason that things in my own life don’t spiral out of control.  When I meet with clinics that want help with their business, it’s always the first recommendation I have regardless of what they are challenged with.


January is a month that basically begs people to make plans.  Resolutions, goals and the trendy “word of the year” all have everyone thinking about planning


Here's the issue: It’s all nice and exciting to think about "the planning"; but, it is far more important to actually make plans and find a way to stick to them.


Very few of the dozens and dozens of clinics I have worked with over the years curate plans for their business in January (…or ever).   Honestly, I can’t figure out why?!?!  This month is typically the slowest time of the year in medical cosmetics.  With the extra downtime and the excitement of a new year ahead, why not make serious plans to succeed this year?


Maybe it’s because it’s hard to know where to start…?  To help you along with your planning venture this month, here are my suggestions:


Monthly Change to Improve Client Experience:


  • Go to your calendar right now and pick a day for a staff meeting

  • Send a message to all staff members about the meeting

  • At the meeting, spend one full hour brainstorming ideas the clinic can improve on the client experience

  • Assign one of these ideas to each month of the year

  • Assign a single person to each month to ensure implementation and measurement of this new idea


Plan Your Promos:


Don’t do this last minute.  Make a good plan for what promotions you are going to offer. Determine the promotion based on:

  1. time of year

  2. typical sales of that product/service

  3. profitability of service

  4. interest in product/service

PLEASE DON’T OFFER 20% OFF!!! This is what every clinic does.  Be different, creative and make more money by offering better promotions. (If you are stuck, tomorrow’s post will give you LOTS of ideas!)


Create $$$ Goals:


STEP 1:  Analyze your monthly sales from last year
STEP 2:  Create goals by month for this year
STEP 3:  Break down that number into weekly and daily goals
STEP 4:  Make a plan each month on how to achieve those daily goals
STEP 5:  Celebrate your wins!


Set Up Trainings:


STEP 1: Determine 6 technical trainings the staff need this year (Think: skin care, injectables, laser, etc.)
STEP 2: Call your product vendors and set up the trainings for the year now
STEP 3: Set up surveys for your staff for each training to understand the learning needs of the staff and deliver this "needs analysis" to the company trainer a few weeks before the training date


Hold Yourself Accountable:


Use a tool to ensure you make this planning happen and implement your strategy.
I love the Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change but there are lots of great apps that help to including:
Fantastical 2

Also, if you want to keep it totally simple, set reminders, due dates and alerts within your computer or phone’s calendar.


Want to dive even deeper into planning this year? 

Click here for my



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